Today is my first blog!! YAY!!

And for today’s first blog I am rating/ venting about my daughter. On a scale from 1-7 she gets a 1! That’s right a 1!!! Just for today (it changes daily, check back tomorrow). Don’t judge me! I love her dearly. She is my whole world. But sometimes she can be a straight a-hole.

She recently made the cheer squad and I am just thrilled for her. I cheered in high school so I know the excitement that comes along with this whole process. But this ish is expensive! She’s been a cheerleader for like a day and I have to give them like $500 already!

But that’s not even why she gets a 1! So today they had fittings after school for uniforms and all that expensive stuff. She’s known about this for a week now and she decides to come in my room last night and tell me she needs spandex shorts for today. Being the kind and wonderful mother I am I tell her that I will get her some on my lunch break and bring them up to her school. So, this morning when are driving to school and she says she forgot to bring her sports bra (which conveniently was “super itchy” the other day so I’m pretty sure that was intentional). It’s 7:45 am, I haven’t had coffee yet and we are already running behind so naturally I got a little upset about the sports bra thing. But begrudgingly I tell her I’ll get her a new one and bring it with the shorts.

I immediately go into work and place an in store pickup with Target. I go pick it up and it’s the wrong size. So now I’m mad that I have to walk through Target and I only have my lunch break to be in this glorious store. I run to the girls clothes with blinders on and find only what I need (plus a couple extra things but let’s not talk about that). Well, since I did the order online they couldn’t do an exchange, only a return. And of course I won’t see that for at least 3-10 days.. so technically I spent $50 on a stupid sports bra and spandex shorts. I bring it up to her school and manage to be only 30 minutes late from my lunch break (insert sarcasm)… And of course she wanted to eat after school too so I had to spend more money to feed her!

Maybe it’s because I’m tired or maybe because I’m trying this Keto thing and I’m carb deprived (that’s a whole other blog) but I’m giving her a rating of 1! Ironically that’s probably the same amount of digits my bank account has in it. Realistically, I should be giving the rating to Target but she’s a whole lot easier to rate 1 star than they are.

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