Hairy situation

Before cheerleading tryouts I made a deal with Lana that she could start shaving her legs if she made the squad. I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea but it was that little bit of extra motivation for her to push a tad bit harder. This would be one of the first initiations into teenage years and my heart just wasn’t ready for that yet. I tried explaining to her the reality of shaving and how much it really isn’t an enjoyable part of life. I let her know that once you start shaving there’s no turning back. You’re in it for life and then you have to do it like every other day (I mean I should be shaving that often but lets be real, I shave once a week… maybe). But, to no avail, she still wanted to do it. And she was actually excited for it. Well, she made the squad and the first thing she wanted to do was go to the store, get a razor and shave all the hair off of her little 12 year old legs. Mind you, she has blonde hair so I’m not even sure what she was seeing that made her want to shave so bad.

We walk into the store and I was having so many emotions about the whole situation. Then I start thinking to myself “what type of razor do I buy her?”. I realize that for so many years I have been buying myself the crappy disposable razors. You know the kind that lasts maybe a month, but you use it for like 3 months and can’t figure out why you never have smooth legs? I don’t want her to cut herself or feel the horrible pain that is razor burn. But then again I don’t want to spend $15 on a razor for a pre-teen. I begin to reminisce about all the razors I have used over the years. Do I even realize the brand that I buy? Do I automatically just buy the cheapest? Why does the hair on my legs grow back so fast? Is it the razors fault or my less than feminine genetics? In that moment I was overwhelmed with all of the options and all of the questions coming from Lana. I wanted to leave. I wanted to run away to the jungle (or France) and never shave again! What had I promised my child??? Why was I going to let her do this to herself??? This has to be some form of child endangerment! I calmed myself down and explained to her one last time the commitment this is and how much shaving really, really sucks. I didn’t win. We bought some disposable razors and shaving cream (which I don’t use… i tried to tell her using conditioner is great) and we left the store. On the drive home I teared up a little 1) because my baby is growing up so fast and I’m not ready for it and 2) because she doesn’t realize the hell that she is about to endure for the rest of her life (i know the monthly thing is going to start soon… we’re both already dreading that).

So today I am rating; shaving, razors and my baby not being a baby anymore… and guess what… they all get a big ole fat ZERO!! Technically, zero isn’t part of my rating system but that’s just how much I hate all of it. Although, I am so excited for her future and what all she is going to accomplish, I’m still sad that she isn’t little anymore. I’m also sad that I need to go home and shave tonight.

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