Girl talk

This week has been rough. Not really rough, just a dumb week. Like one of those weeks where the little things frustrate you for really no reason and then it slowly escalates from there. Maybe I’m tired or maybe this black hole scientists have found is slowly using it’s force to suck me in and I’m going insane due to the negative forces, either way, this week has not been my favorite. About this time, I would usually go for that bottle of wine that I only open on stressful weeks, but because of this food regiment I am on I refuse (but lets chat again tomorrow and I will let you know how strong my will power was when I got home after work). So, instead of wine therapy I opted for girl talk therapy. It sound cliche and all Sex and the Cityish but there is something about an hour long phone session with a bestie that can fix any problem.

I have a very small group of close friends. I’ve been friends with this group for 20 years or more. Each one offers a different perk to my life. I’ve got some that are kind hearted and bring me back down when I’m fueled. I’ve got one friend that we know we can’t talk religion, politics or baseball ( she’s a Yankees fan… ) but everything else is on the table. I’ve got friends that like talk that’s a little more raw and unfiltered. I’ve got friends that our conversation is mostly what new documentary we just watched. And then I have those friends that just about anything is a conversation piece. We can talk about things we hate, things we love, daily news, celebrity gossip, sex, kids, significant others and everything else under the sun. These are the people that keep me sane. They are the ones that I call when life is good and when life is terrible. I NEED these women in my life.

With this week being the way that it has been I just had to vent. I picked up the phone and went to my “favorites” list and before she could even say hello I was ready to go. The word vomit was spewing! We talked, laughed, made fun of life and got serious about life. What seems like 10 minutes quickly becomes an hour and then it’s time for us to tend to our reality. It always seems as though it’s not long enough. I’ve been so very lucky to have a tribe of females that have carried me through life. They have fought for me, cheered me on, picked me up, cried with me, celebrated life and mourned death. After that phone call yesterday I felt a little more relaxed. Honestly, if I hadn’t vented to a friend then my family probably would’ve felt the wrath that was that day. Life can be rough, especially as a mom. Sometimes, you feel as though you are doing so much and there’s no time for anything else, but that friendly voice at the other end of the line can make life a little bit easier.

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