Riverdale Cleaning Convention

I’ve never been one for dramatic tv’s shows. My preferences are Friends, The Office, Parks and Rec and How I Met Your Mother. My daughter, on the other hand, loves drama tv. Her favorite show right now is, of course, Riverdale. I’ve honestly never watched one episode. I know that Zach or Cody (from the Suite Life) is on the there and that they are based off the Archie comics (which is still very confusing for me). She tries to tell me all about the drama of the episodes but I stop listening after about a minute. I hear bits and pieces; something about one of the girls killing their mom/dad (I hope she’s not getting any ideas) and people coming back from the dead or something along those lines. I can’t keep up! As an adult I like to stay away from drama and as a teen she can’t seem to get enough of it!!

So, yesterday she saw an advertisement for Riverdale Con coming to Dallas in June. Let me say, when I hear “con” I think of dressing up and LARP role play. My initial thought on going to a “con”-vention was of pure dread. What would I wear? Do I dress up as the dead mom? Is this my daughter’s opportunity to get ideas on how to kill me??? This idea was completely out of my comfort zone. But,as a parent, we do the most ridiculous things to make our children happy. We go see kid movies. We spend our weekends at their friends birthday parties. We run them around all over the world all why being sober!! Well, for the most part (jk)… So, I decided that I would take her. I had been looking for an end of school year celebration type thing to do with her anyway. But I did decide that it wasn’t just going to be given to her freely. These tickets weren’t cheap! And like any parent we randomly decide that we are done handing things over to them and we are going to make them work for it ( I have been done so many times!) It was much more than ever cared to pay for a “con”-vention ticket. I let her know that if she wanted to go she was going to have to earn this. Now, I know how this goes. She will agree to do anything. Day 1 and Day 2 will go over smoothly. Day 3 I will get a complaint from her but she will still do it and by Day 4 she will be hiding in her closet, playing TikTok, trying to avoid me. When I got home from work I sat her down and explained how this is going to work. Chores everyday! No exceptions! I can easily put these things on Craiglist and get my money back. Of course, she agrees.What she doesn’t realize is that Day 1 starts TODAY! She hasn’t seen the chore list yet and I’m thinking she won’t be too happy.

Today she will be cleaning her toilet and bathroom floors as well as doing all of the dishes, which have conveniently been left out for the last couple of days (i’ve actually been waiting to see if someone would take the initiative to do them, but that didn’t happen). She has tumbling today until 6:30 and then must go home to get this stuff done before shower time. Maybe soon she will realize the hard work it takes to be gone all of the time AND maintain a home. Then she will have a new appreciation for me!! Maybe she will stick to it and work hard for the tickets! Maybe this will lead into habits that will stick with her throughout her teenage years… or, maybe, I’ll be posting some Riverdale Con tickets on Craigslist in about a week. Wish us luck!! Day 1 of Riverdale Cleaning Con commences NOW!

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