UPDATE: Who needs Riverdale Con tickets???

Given the title of this post, you can imagine how Day 1 went of our chores situation…. I pick my lovely child up from school yesterday and she’s already had one of those days. I can see it in her face that’s she’s in a mood. She’s in that part of her life where everything is a THING. If her and her friends have a spat it stays with her the rest of the day. If you look at her wrong she cries and if you talk to her in any kind of tone other than complete kindness she loses it. She walks to the car and immediately gets in and tells me a story about her friend getting water on her at lunch (she tried calling me at lunch but she was cutting out and I couldn’t hear her, so naturally she thinks I wasn’t listening… insert eye roll emoji). Anyways, that lunch situation made the rest of her day awful. So obviously when I show her the new chore chart she starts huffing and puffing… I was expecting to get a day or two out of her. I didn’t think she would give in on the first day.

So, we go to her tumbling class (which she’s dreading) and she gets through that. Coming out of the gym she says the exercise was good for her and she feels better… LIES!!! Within a few minutes we are arguing over I don’t even know what. We get home and I get out of the car. She stays in there to “calm down” but I knew she was just trying to prolong the inevitable… cleaning. I’m guessing she was in there a solid 20 minutes before I went and forced her to get out. She’s so emotional at this point there’s no reasoning with her. She goes to her room (which she’s supposed to be cleaning) and sits in there with her light off wallowing in her emotions. Now, I don’t know how many of you reading this have teenagers, but if you don’t, I suggest reading a book on how to handle emotionally unstable people, prior to the pre-teen/teen years. Their emotions are literally everywhere! I’m gonna have to say this is worse than the terrible 2’s, 3’s or 4’s or honestly worse than the emotions of all 12 years put together. They cry. They yell. They make no sense when they speak. And then there’s the silence, the calm after the storm. I don’t know if it’s their mechanism for dealing with what just happened or they are planning a terrible attack on you, either way it’s the scariest of all of the emotions.

So, here we are. It’s now 7:30. Dinner has been served (oh yeah, that’s what we had been arguing over in the car, she didn’t want to eat dinner because she was too mad) and it’s time for the rest of her stuff to be done before shower time. See, now, she loves to do this thing where she acts like she has to tell me something really important when it’s time to clean and then gets super mad when I disregard the non-sensical story she just told me. Her favorite tactic to get out of cleaning though is acting like, in that very moment, if she doesn’t pet the dog, the dog will die. So she goes and lays on her and tries to play with her. Maybe in her head she’s thinking I will think it’s so cute I will forget about the mound of clothes piling up in the bathroom. Anyways, she FINALLY cleans the toilet. Step 1 is complete! But now she has to clean the dishes and her bedroom and still take a shower. Again, she melts. But this time the man of the house steps up ( she’s a little more threatened by him, he actually follows through with threats, where mine are usually just threats) and he takes her phone from her. It’s now 9:30 and I’m doing the dishes and she’s crying in her room. At long last, 10:00 rolls around and her room is clean!! It only took her 4 hours to do it!!!!!

Yesterday was a day from H-E- double hockey sticks! But I don’t like going to bed angry with her or having her feel like I love her any less. So, after I cool off, I go into her room. We pray and ask God for a better day when we wake up. I hug her and tell her I love her no matter what…. Moral of the story… there isn’t one. Just beware of emotional teenage girls!

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