When mom is away… deals will be made!

One of my favorite things about working a second job in the evenings is the fact that my daughter and my boyfriend get to spend quality time together. Sometimes it’s him being a chauffeur to her and her friends. Occasionally, it’s them running errands to Lowe’s or Home Depot (I think those are her least favorite). Sometimes he just makes dinner and they watch a movie (after he’s so patiently helped her with her homework, because I’m not so patient with her). And every once in a while they will go to dinner and grab some frozen yogurt for dessert ( they both LOVE some fro-yo). Although I love this time they spend together, I feel like these are the times they come up with plans and ideas or negotiations (i.e. DEALS).

My daughter has been asking for some type of small pet for a while. She, at first, wanted a guinea pig but we explained how often she would have to change out their cage, so that thought dwindled away relatively quickly. For Christmas, we got her a few chickens. We already had a few so we figured she could raise these to be hers and those would be her pets. Yea, that lasted about an hour. She named them, possibly cleaned up after them once or twice and I’m not sure she’s been out there since then. So, for myself, the pet thing was off the table… Again, let me reiterate… FOR MYSELF… Apparently, that didn’t apply to everyone in my family.

So, last week I come home from work. She’s waiting up for me to tell about the lovely deal that her and my boyfriend had made over their adventures that night. They took a little trip into Petsmart (bad idea bringing her in there). They looked at fish tanks and fish and decided it would be about $50 to invest in a fish and it’s living quarters. He told her that if she came up with $50 she could get a fish . Now, if you haven’t read my previous posts, I have written about the fact that my child currently owes me $100 for a Riverdale Convention ticket. So, now she has this idea that as long as she makes another $50 she can have a fish. When I was 12 the concept of making $150 in a year meant I was rich! She’s wanting to earn $150 in a month!! IMPOSSIBLE, I think to myself. But, of course, I tell her “Good Luck” and walk off thinking that we will NEVER have a fish in our house.

After the first day or so of creating her chore chart to earn money for Riverdale Con things got better. (feel free to go back and read my previous post about how day 1 went). Last weekend, she was actually cleaning her room (without me having to yell at her to do it) and she came across a Christmas gift. And guess what this Christmas gift turned out to be????? A $50 VISA GIFT CARD!!! I was beside myself. How did this happen?? After all this time how in the world did she come across a $50 gift card? Was it magically placed in her room by the fish gods???… Immediately she wanted me to take her to Petsmart. But I thought for sure my boyfriend was going to tell her that she couldn’t use the gift card. I thought he was going to tell her she had to earn it. Well, I thought wrong. He gave her 100% permission to go get a fish. I thought for a minute about making her give me the giftcard as payment for the Riverdale ticket, but I thought how coincidental it was that she would find exactly the amount she needed to buy the fish. Off to Petsmart we went! She was very diligent in making sure she got everything she needed to start her fish home. The only thing she wasn’t was patient (she clearly gets that from me). The guy at the store told her to set up the fish tank and give it a couple of days to let the water settle. Then come back and get the fish later. To her, that wasn’t even a possibly idea. She wanted these fish now! Sine it was her money, I let her get the fish right away. I knew the potential outcome but she needed to learn lessons sometimes the hard way.

She bought what she needed and started a little home for her fish. She ended up with 3. Shark, Burger and Quincy (who knows where she got those names). And sadly 2 have already died (I could’ve predicted that). One had the proper toilet burial with a prayer and a song prior to the flushing (RIP Shark). And the other, Burger, will be taken back to Petsmart and replaced with another (before we left they explained their 14 day return policy. You just bring the dead fish and receipt back and you can have a replacement). Well, as luck would have it. I work tonight. This means my boyfriend and daughter will be spending that “quality” time I love so much. I’m nervous to see what they bring home! I just pray there is no more deals made! When mom is away… the kids (my boyfriend is just a big kid) will make deals and not get permission. I guess it’s better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

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