Allergic to work… Literally

So over the last month I have had 2 random allergic reactions. I have gone my entire life and never been allergic to anything. I do suffer from outdoor allergies, but living in Texas I feel like that is pretty common. Other than the outdoor stuff I don’t have any other allergies. I do hear of stories where, out of nowhere, people get an allergy to shellfish or strawberries or something crazy. I once had a boss tell me that her son at the age of 40 suddenly had an allergy to Alka Seltzer. That one was odd to me but I guess it could happen. The weird thing for me is that these allergic reactions I am having only happen at work.

Both times I come into work and within 30 minutes I feel my face start to swell and get really hot. Nothing is different. I don’t eat or drink anything out of the ordinary. And usually I don’t even have time to take a sip of my coffee. Before I know it my knuckles and elbows get all red and swollen. By this time my anxiety kicks in. Being anxiety ridden will get the best of you that’s for sure. I start triple checking that my throat isn’t swelling or that my heart rate isn’t increasing rapidly. So, I’m sure my face get even more red with all of the adrenaline pumping through my body… Once I notice my elbows and knuckles get red I run to the bathroom to check out the rest of my body. My chest and arms start to get red and itch and my ears are on fire! The only conclusion I can come to is that I am literally allergic to work….

The first time I just kind of waited it out. Maybe there was a little part of me that was hoping my throat WOULD start to swell and then I could have the rest of the day off. After about an hour everything started to subside and I went about my day. But yesterday, I panicked, and ran (not literally) to the Care Now clinic. They got me back pretty quickly. But without me knowing what could have caused this allergic reaction they had no advice to offer me. But they did grace me with a wonderful steroid shot. Now I don’t know if yall have ever had one of those suckers, but let me tell you, THEY SUCK!!! The initial shot itself doesn’t hurt but the aftermath is awful. Within an hour though I had enough energy to run 10 miles or maybe lift a car. I was ready to go the rest of the day!

Once I got back to work by boss was so worried about me. He made sure to let me know that he was going to have pest control spray my office just in case I am being bit by something. HAHA. Bless his heart. I wanted to tell him that I was simply being bit by the “I gotta get up early and come to work” bug. Maybe I’m allergic to early mornings or people or both. It could be that I’m allergic to the attitude I get from the pre-teen that I have to wake up in the mornings to make sure she doesn’t sleep her summer break away. Either way, something is in the air first thing in the day that I’m allergic to. Do you think I could get workers comp for “work allergy”?

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