RANT: Why are yall so angry?!?!

I don’t really like to give my opinion on celebrity stuff or even political stuff because most people don’t care what my opinion is on that and honestly I don’t care about my opinion on that kind of stuff. Most of it is irrelevant to my life or just clutter in my brain that I’ll get anxiety over. I occasionally will read an article on a news outlet about famous people ( I really only click on the article if I see a baby or a puppy). But I just read an article and it got me going a little bit.

The article was on Yahoo (my first mistake). It was about how Khloe Kardashian was teaching her daughter “toxic diet culture”by captioning a picture of her one year old daughter eating Veggie Straws that says “Vacation Calories don’t count” (pic above). And of course the world got all crazy about that! Some people were putting her down saying that she’s introducing negative thoughts on food to her ONE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER! and that she should never talk like this in front of her her baby… Let me say that this has got to be the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Like literally, the dumbest!! This baby is one! She is well kept for. Her mother spends time with her while taking take care of that baby with NO man and all yall can point out is the caption on a picture that a baby can’t read??? Let me ask all of these mom’s that are saying this crapand spending their free time hating on a celebrity… Do you really never say anything negative about yourself or your diet when you’re around your daughters? You’ve never complained about how you need to watch what you eat or that something isn’t good for you? Please tell me again how you are perfectly raising your daughters to be the food and body positivity queens! I guarantee you if True was eating ice cream you guys would complain that she’s teaching her to eat poorly and ultimately she will end up unhealthy.

And don’t even get me started on all of these moms out there that wear these shirts like “They whine, I wine” or “I was normal three kids ago” or “Mama needs a beer”… what is that telling your kids??? That you can’t handle them without alcohol or that they somehow have made you not “normal”. Now, I know I’m reaching here but too many people are out there looking for something to be angry about. Why are y’all so angry??? Maybe you should be drinking some more of that wine you think you need so much.

As a mother I have complained about my size. I’ve complained that a shirt is too tight and I don’t like the way it looks on me. I’ve said silly things about how vacation calories don’t… all in front of my daughter. And guess what… just yesterday she was singing a song about how awesome she is. I am not a perfect mother and you can bet I’m not out there trying to judge some other mother for taking care of and enjoying her child. We need more mothers that are out there supporting other mothers instead of trying to find the bad in other moms. We are all in this together (try and say that without singing the High School Musical song). How about yall get off social media and go spend some time with your own kids and worry about your own business…. RANT OVER!

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