If you want it done right… ask mom!

So with school starting, my busy schedule, adopting new, earlier work hours, my sister moving in (which I am loving) and her dog and cat… my home has gotten to be a little out of control. Like the kind of out of control where you don’t even know where to begin so ultimately is just keeps getting worse, yeah, that kind messy. I feel like I don’t have enough time for the housework and laundry and everything else my schedule involves. Even though I’ve been getting out of work earlier it seems like I am home less. Three days a week I work nights, just about every night of the week my daughter has something after school and any remaining time I have left I want to just lay down and do nothing. Needless to say it was time to put on my big girl panties and start cleaning every inch of the house. I decided to take on each room on different days so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself. I started with my daughters room. Big Mistake!

Now before you judge me for cleaning my 12 year olds room, let me say that I know it’s crazy to do this for someone who is fully capable but lets be real…. if that room is ever going to be spotless, mom is going to have to be the one to do it. She had cheer practice after school yesterday so I took it upon myself to basically gut her room while she was gone. I’ve told her a million times to clear out her dresser and closet of things she will never wear, but to no avail there always seems to be size fives or sixes still sticking out of her dresser drawers. This girl has a ridiculous amount of clothes (mostly thanks to the grandmothers that bring something over EVERY time they come to visit). I found things I had never even seen before… so I threw them in a bag to donate along with like 90 pairs of too small shoes.

My primary focus though was to throw out all of the crap that had accumulated over the last year (because we did this “gutting her room” thing last year). I honestly can’t believe how much garbage this child had collected in such a short amount of time! There was paper everywhere! Like blank paper, coloring papers, papers from books, last year’s school papers, shreds of notebook paper… if it involves paper, it was in my kids room. There were like a million scrunchies. No joke, I counted literally 50 small things of hand sanitizer ( when my daughter was all of three she became obsessed with hand sanitizer so my mom is forever bringing over little bottles of that stuff). Last Christmas she received 100 colored pens from 2 different people, so there’s that. If anyone needs any kind of bag… we got it. I had to put a large bag full of small bags in the attic, not including the bags she “needs”. Apparently, she’s on this kick of saving the sea turtles because I found all of the plastic water bottles, she insists she needs before bed, crumbled behind her bed instead of in the trash (how thoughtful of her). And on top of all of that I collected 3 large bags full of junk to be donated to the trash can. I started cleaning her room at 4:30 and finally finished around 10:00!

SIDE NOTE… I found this on her wall….

Someone please tell me WTF this is?!?! Does she even know what this is? Did she like the picture? Is she political and I didn’t know it? I actually left this on the wall just in case she is political… just so she knows I support whatever tf this statement is.

Although her room looks like a dream (which I’m sure will be very short lived) the rest of the house still needs to be tended to. I basically just took everything from her room and displaced it to the kitchen, living room and garage. You know, sometimes it’s just easier to leave things a mess. Day 2 of revamping continues tonight…. Well, actually my nails look like garbage so maybe I should get those done, or maybe I’ll go have dinner by myself since my daughter has an away game tonight, or maybe I will go home, watch a movie and drink some wine… I’d like to think I will get my house will be looking HGTV qualified soon but I’m too tired. I guess we will see…. TO Be Continued.

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